Defend the Frontier

Protect the train from monsters!

According to recent surveys, the monsters don't just attack the Scrog livestock, but also the train. The train is the frontier's lifeline! I sure hope Dillon can protect it.

What is the Transcontinental Railroad?

The Transcontinental Railroad spread rapidly from the east coast to the west after the Civil War, making it easier to transport livestock. It has become a new target for the monsters, who executed a simultaneous attack on several frontier stations!

I'm the engineer. What, you got a problem with that? Argh, those monsters! They don't just attack the Scrogs, but my train, too! Dillon, you gotta protect me!

Battle to Defend the Train

Dillon, in addition to the usual fight, this time we have to defend the train! I've analyzed how to do it, so here are some pointers….

Keep your eyes on the train…

The train won't be destroyed by your run-of-the-mill monster attacks, but it will stop, placing it in greater danger. If you don't act quickly, the invaders will unleash a full barrage!

Protect the rails…

Some monsters can destroy the rails. If the train goes across broken tracks, it'll derail! If those monsters appear, it'll be pandemonium. Dillon, you gotta beat those culprits first!

Use the branch points…

The train uses branch points to change its route. Choose routes with the fewest opponents to seize the advantage in battle!

The Rock Monsters Have Appeared Again!

Yessiree! Defending the villages is important work for a Ranger. Here's a report on the village defenses. Take a gander!

Hey there, Ranger! Once again, the Grocks are your opponent, but my fellow Watchers have reported the discovery of new types of Grocks. Here are just a few!


A new type of Grock spotted near water. They're rock beings, all right, but the way they leisurely swim about is like crocodiles. They've got tough chins that can beat anyone head-on.


This special Grock can roll down the railroad tracks. Its body is a bomb, so if one hits the train, the damage is massive.

Rail Ramgrock

An extra nasty kind of Grock whose ferocious head-butts knock holes in the train tracks. Take them out first!

There are lots more new Grocks besides these. But you can handle 'em, Dillon!

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