The Red Flash Returns

Dillon's back—learn his secrets!

Dillon's sidekick Russ is a wiz at analyzing information. If you make good use of the data Russ records, you can seize the advantage in your next fight.


Dillon, when you successfully defend a village, I record the time it took to clear the stage, and how you placed the towers! Looking at my records could come in handy in your next fight. You can also exchange records with other players!

With the Request Map, you'll get records of maps you want from other players. You might notice something new…

With the Bragging Map, you can share your best records with other players. I reckon it's good to tell everyone about what Dillon and Russ have accomplished.

There are as many different strategies as there are players. Want to mainly focus on defending the areas around villages? Or attack the routes that the enemy is using to advance? Show me your own distinctive sense for tower placement!


Here, you've got cannons all over the place. That costs a pretty penny, but the range of the damage you do will be tremendous.


Your strategy is to focus on balance, with all kinds of weapons placed here and there. If you pay attention to where the enemy is passing through, the battle may not be so bad.


You've placed shotguns—good at close range—all around to gun down enemies who approach your towers. Shotguns don't have much range, so if they miss any attackers, Dillon will have to step in.

*These are examples of weapon placement. Actual strategies during gameplay will differ.

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